Who We Are



Chief Creative Officer

An Australian national with 30 years of hospitality experience and design background primarily in Asia, Samantha has played a pivotal role in managing the design and developing the clients vision for some of the world’s largest luxury integrated casino resorts. Samantha provides innovative concepts and ideas and works collaboratively with clients to ensure their vision is interpreted and fulfilled.

With her vast network, product knowledge and technical resources Samantha and her team deliver the highest quality innovative interior designs making her a leading figure in the casino design and development sector globally.


Pernille Storm

Chief Commercial Officer

Pernille, a Danish national with over 20 year’s experience in Asia across finance, Human Resources, Recruitment and Management. Pernille oversees all commercial aspects of Habitus Globally. With a Master’s Degree in Finance and extensive Asian market knowledge Pernille is recognized for her ability to quickly deploy professional teams on the ground for clients and oversee all the legal, recruitment and commercial needs for Habitus, speaking 5 languages Pernille plays an integral role in heading up Habitus Global, headquartered in Denmark.

Paul Rundle

Managing Director, Asia

Paul, a British National with a master’s degree in Interior architecture from the Royal College of Art in London, has over 25 years’ experience in the design industry focusing on both hospitality and corporate sectors.Paul’s projects span many countries including England, Spain, Italy, China, Macau, Singapore and The Philippines. Paul is a natural leader with a unique eye for detail and quality, excellent communication skills and an ability to understand and manage client expectations enables him to continually deliver world class luxury designs. Paul has a natural ability to navigate through any situation and provide solutions to the most challenging of design issues with his vast knowledge of construction, project and design management.
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